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  • A little planning can go a long way.

    When you're ready, experience Oxford safely and responsibly. Read on for guidelines, tools and trip ideas. This page is full of activities that we think you'll love and tools that you'll need when you get here. From culinary and grocery getaways to fresh air fun and ways to explore in your small group, we think you'll love experiencing our wide-open spaces. We're excited to share the things about Oxford that get us excited.  We are a Sustainable Tourism 2030 organization.  Learn about green travel in Oxford and offset your travel by purchasing a tree

    Trip Ideas

    10 Things to You Didn't Know Were in Your Backyard in Oxford County

    With so many amazing places to visit across Ontario, it's hard to keep track of some of the really cool...

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    Mini Trip Idea: Things to do in Woodstock, Ontario on a Sunday

    Looking to explore our backroads on a Sunday? Planning can be a little tricky because many businesses...

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    Paddle the Nith River with Grand Experiences

    We hit the Nith River in a canoe, enjoyed a cookout lunch on a rocky shore and even took on some rapids...

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    The Best Ontario Experiences to Enjoy in Oxford this Summer

    Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, Oxford County is located at the meet up point of the Carolinian...

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    Budget-Friendly Oxford

    Summer is a great time to see Ontario. With local festivals, delicious treats and great weather, you...

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    Gravel Travel 2022: An event spent where the paved road ends

    Your next adventure starts where the paved roads end! On Saturday, August 13th, 4 rural stops in Oxford...

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    The SWOX Rural Routes Tour: Explore the back roads of Southwest Oxford on July 23rd

    On July 23rd, enjoy three stops in Southwest Oxford that are bound to make you smile. From farms to artist...

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    Oxford County's Rural Route Scavenger Hunt

    The time has come for a road trip through rural Ontario! If you love getting out of the city and onto...

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    Fun Things to do with Grandchildren in Oxford County

    There's something so special about the connection between grandparents and grandchildren.  Whether...

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